Deutsche Telekom wants to sell its radio towers – will a decision be made today?

Deutsche Telekom wants to sell its radio tower division. That’s what it’s all about – and Telekom needs the money for that. According to a media report, the Telekom supervisory board is to deal with the sale today.

Deutsche Telekom is about to sell its radio tower division. The Handelsblatt reports. Today, Wednesday, the Telekom supervisory board wants to deal with the sale.

Only one group of investors is left as a bidder

Accordingly, Telekom is planning to sell the majority of its radio tower division to a consortium of investors. This consists of the companies KKR, Stonepeak and GIP. This group of investors was the only bidder left and would bid the highest sum (which has not yet been made public). The investors would also give Telekom a buyback option. According to a report by Manager Magazin, the previous bidder Cellnex withdrew from the bidding competition.

It’s all about this

Telekom’s radio tower division is one of the largest in Europe. Telekom is to operate radio towers at over 33,000 locations. Industry observers estimate the value of all radio towers at around 18 billion euros. Telekom wants to use the proceeds to reduce its debt and get money for investments in the 5G network.

The mobile network operators then mount their antennas on said radio towers; the towers and the antennas mounted on them are therefore separate and by no means always belong to the same company. The radio towers are therefore considered solid revenue generators.

The Handelsblatt report is based on insider information and well-informed circles, nothing has been officially confirmed.

Telekom competitor Vodafone has listed its tower mast division with its subsidiary Vantage Towers: Vodafone is listing its mobile phone masts on the stock exchange. Vodafone still holds a majority stake in Vantage Towers.

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