DHL package allegedly damaged: Nasty online scam

A DHL package addressed to you was damaged. This is the start of a current scam that also hit PC-WELT employees.

Cyber ​​gangsters are again trying to get hold of the confidential data of Internet users with phishing emails. This time about fraudulent emails that supposedly inform about a damaged DHL package. The Schleswig-Holstein consumer advice center warns of this. This phishing mail also ended up in the mailboxes of PC-WELT employees. The following screenshots are from phishing emails addressed to us.

This is how it starts.

Address label allegedly damaged

In the “Track and Trace DHL” phishing email, which purports to come from “Online Parcel Tracking” or “Post-Tracking” (with a small mailbox icon in the sender information), a virtual language assistant named “Suzy” informs the recipient about the fact that the address label on a package was damaged. A photo of the allegedly damaged package is attached to the email. The recipient should now specify whether the package should be delivered to his private or business address. Your data is supposed to be stolen on the pages that then open.

The real sender address.

If you move the mouse pointer over the alleged “Post-Tracking” sender address, you will see that the mail comes from a strange mail address that obviously has nothing to do with DHL.

A photo of the allegedly damaged package.

How to react correctly

The elaborately designed phishing email deserves only one appropriate treatment: delete it without clicking on any link in it.

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