DHL: This is what parcels & parcels will cost from July 1st, 2022

As of July 1st, DHL will increase the prices for many packages. However, a popular package becomes cheaper. All prices.

After the postage for letters and postcards and the parcel prices for business customers increased on January 1, 2022, DHL is also increasing some of the parcel prices for private customers with effect from today.

New prices from July 1st, 2022

Some packages/parcels cost from 1.7. more, and there is no price advantage for parcels and parcel brands bought online for national parcels. However, some prices remain stable and one package category is now even cheaper. Some examples.

The good news first: The branch price for what DHL says is the most frequently used by private customers

Parcels weighing up to 5 kg are cheaper

and costs now

6.99 instead of 7.49 euros

whereby, as already mentioned, the previous online price of 5.99 euros, which was even cheaper, has been dropped.

Prices in the overview

The price for the package weighing up to 2 kg, which is only available online, increases from 4.99 to 5.49 euros. There are further price increases, for example, for the S package, which will be available from July 1st. 3.99 euros instead of the previous 3.79 euros. The M packet again costs 4.79 euros instead of the previous 4.50 or 4.39 euros.

The package up to 10 kg costs 9.49 euros – this corresponds to the previous branch price, the cheaper online price of 8.49 euros no longer applies. The package up to 31.5 kg remains unchanged at a price of 16.49 euros – there has never been a cheaper online price here.

Packsets and plus packets are also becoming a little more expensive due to the increased paper costs, as DHL reports. The prices for international parcels and parcels have also risen almost continuously, but there are still cheaper online prices.

Prices in the overview

In addition, according to DHL, the customs data collection fee for shipments to non-EU countries franked in the branch of EUR 1.70 will no longer apply from July 1 and will be included directly in the respective branch prices for non-EU shipments at EUR 1.

This is how DHL justifies the price increase

DHL cites the “considerable increase in transport and labor costs as well as other general cost increases” as the reason for the partial package increases. DHL justifies the price increases for international shipments as follows: “The sometimes extreme increase in flight rates and the considerable increase in costs that the delivery partners abroad charge Deutsche Post DHL for the delivery of shipments containing goods are only partially acknowledged by the company when sending parcels about price increases to the sender.”

It is important for DHL to emphasize: “According to an international package price comparison published by the Federal Network Agency in November 2021, DHL Paket’s prices are below the European average. The price adjustment will not change that.”

Complete price overview

All new prices for parcels and packages can be found in this overview.

Overview & Tool: These postage prices apply to letters, postcards, parcels etc. since 1.1.

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