DHL will increase prices for business customers from January 1st, 2023

Parcel shipping with DHL is becoming more expensive for business customers. No further price increases are planned for private customers.

Private DHL customers have had to pay higher prices for parcel shipping since July 1, 2022. Now it’s the turn of the business customers. DHL Paket has announced a price increase for parcel shipping that will apply to business customers from January 1, 2023. This includes a significant increase in the base price plus two new surcharges. The price increase is justified with the “volatile development of energy prices” and with the increased transport and personnel costs.

To hedge against fluctuations in energy costs, DHL Paket will therefore introduce an indexed energy surcharge at the beginning of 2023. “The amount of the surcharge is determined monthly in a transparent and comprehensible manner based on the price development of diesel, gas and electricity,” explains DHL in a statement.

Peak surcharge of up to 19 cents per package

According to DHL, the weighting of the components is based on the energy mix of an average shipment. In addition to this energy surcharge, there will also be a new “peak surcharge” of 19 cents per shipment next year in the months of November and December 2023. This is justified by the fact that there are higher personnel expenses and higher purchase prices around Christmas. Another component of the price increase is the adjustment of the toll and CO2 surcharge by 0.01 euros per shipment.

Ole Nordhoff, Head of Marketing at Post & Paket Deutschland of Deutsche Post DHL Group, describes the price adjustments as “inevitable” after there have been no price adjustments despite massive cost increases. “We are all aware of the changing costs. We will therefore introduce new surcharges due to the volatile and strongly externally driven market development and necessary investments in our network,” says Nordhoff.

Prices for private customers remain unchanged

DHL emphasizes that the prices for parcel shipping for private users will remain unchanged. DHL last increased the prices for parcels and packages on July 1, 2022. You can read more about this in this message.

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