Diablo 4: Controversial feature from Diablo 3 returns

It’s still a while before the release of Diablo 4 next year, but gameplay videos and leaks already show what fans can expect. One feature is particularly controversial.

According to current leaks, Diablo 4 will use the controversial “Smart Loot” system. This controls what items players find in the game world. Many players support the system, but there are also criticisms.

Great attention for Diablo 4 – regular leaks

Elder Scrolls 6, Grand Theft Auto 6, Diablo 4 – this is probably the list of games that gamers around the world are most excited about. Diablo 4 in particular has high expectations to meet, after all developer Blizzard hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory with the last few releases.

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But the hopes for Diablo 4 are high, so players are looking forward to all the information and leaks that will be published in advance. Blizzard itself has already published some gameplay videos and trailers. Some more specific information is currently being released to the public. These apparently come from an alpha version that is already being played by a small group. Of course, these are subject to a non-disclosure agreement, but some information is currently being made public.

“Smart Loot” – that’s behind the feature

One of the details that’s making the rounds is the continuation of the “smart loot” feature that was also used in Diablo 3. The feature, already controversial at the time, ensures that objects dropped by opponents are useful for the character played. It increases the probability that a magician, for example, is most likely to find a wand that also suits the character in terms of level and attributes. While many players advocate this feature as it also reduces the in-game grind, others argue that it removes the incentive for players to experiment with different classes. Instead of trying different playstyles and character classes, players would build a strong main character very quickly. Due to this constant supply of items, suitable for the class, the change to other classes would be all the more difficult – after all, you will hardly find any items for them in the course of the game.

Critics want the experience back of finding an item that may not be appropriate for your current playstyle, but is still powerful enough to motivate you to completely redesign your character to use the item you found.

But not all players are against the system. Extensive discussions about the advantages and disadvantages are currently taking place on Reddit.

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