Diablo 4: Leak shows almost an hour of gameplay

Diablo 4 is one of the biggest game releases of the next few years. A leak now shows around 45 minutes of gameplay – including the game world and combat mechanics.

The big development studios have a busy week ahead of them. While Rockstar is trying to delete the leaks for the upcoming GTA 6 from the network, Activision Blizzard also has to do crisis management.

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Because around 45 minutes of gameplay from the next Diablo offshoot has appeared on the net. You can find the videos here. The material comes from an internal alpha version that was made available to a small circle as a Friends and Family build.

The videos are from the PC version of the game and show gameplay mechanics in detail and provide insights into the game world. Since this is a very early version of the game, the scenes shown, the performance and the graphics are not final. Various placeholder textures in the videos also make this clear.

It’s not the first glimpse into the world of Diablo 4, Activision Blizzard itself has shown longer gameplay scenes.

Diablo 4 is scheduled to be launched in 2023 and is the first offshoot of the main series since 2014. The mobile offshoot Diablo Immortal came onto the market in June of this year, but it has come under criticism due to pay-to-win mechanics. Diablo 4 is also expected by fans with mixed feelings, the developers have already confirmed that Diablo 4 will also include microtransactions. However, these should only be of a cosmetic nature.

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