Diablo Immortal: Cheeky Pay2Win leads to miserable Metacritic score

Blizzard sparks a new Shitstorm. A maximum character in the Free2Play game costs more than 100,000 US dollars, which infuriates the fans who rate the game miserably on Metacritic.

Diablo Immortal (available for PC, Android and iOS) is properly punished by the players on the Metacritic platform and receives the miserable user score of only 0.5 out of 10. The score was based on around 3200 user ratings when the article was created.


Diablo Immortal: Blizzard surprises with PC release

Pay2Win: Over $100,000 for a max character

The game’s meta score received at least a solid rating of 75 out of 100 points from the trade press. But the fans have a very different opinion. The community sees the new Diablo offshoot as a huge rip-off. Users agree that Blizzard has clearly overdone it with the Pay2Win system. A YouTube video is currently doing the rounds, in which it is calculated that you have to dig very deep into your pocket to bring a character’s gems to a maximum – we are talking about over 100,000 US dollars here.

You can find the detailed analysis in the YouTube video of “Bellular News” from 16:50 minutes:

Players who want to play “Up” have to dig deep into their pockets

In fact, the game can also be played completely for free. According to the Youtubers, it would probably take around 10 years to reach the gemstone maximum as a Free2Play player. For players who occasionally want to play some “Diablo Immortal” on the side and do not follow a competitive approach, this is not a problem. However, this becomes problematic as soon as players in the upper ranks want to get involved. Stupid hours of grinding won’t get players to the top here, but rather the credit card.

With this Pay2Win strategy, Blizzard has now upset fans who have been wanting a new Diablo for years and is being scolded. It will be exciting to see how Blizzard will deal with the new shit storm, the company is currently hardly making any mistakes.

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