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Diaries of deceased ‘Harry Potter’ actor Alan Rickman appear as a book

Over 25 years wrote Harry Potteractor Alan Rickman puts all his thoughts down in a multitude of diaries. By the time of his death in 2016, he had already scribbled 27 of them. And they will be published in the fall of 2022 as a book: The Diaries of Alan Rickman.

Chances are you will see Alan Rickman on screen again soon. The actor can be seen in the films of the Harry Potterseries, and in the Christmas classic Love Actually. But if you have a little more patience, you can also read what Rickman has written in his diaries at the end of 2022.

Since the early 1990s, Alan Rickman has been diligently keeping a diary. In it, he wrote about how he felt, what happened in his life and on set, and even what he thought of the gigantic list of plays he had gone to see.

The Diaries of Alan Rickman

In total, he had already filled 27 diaries when he died in 2016. These will be published as a book in the fall of 2022. That is given the (logical) title The Diaries of Alan Rickman and is published by Canongate.

“More than anything else, the diaries show who Alan Rickman really was”, it sounds there. “He was funny, passionate and at times challenging. The diaries also give us a fresh look at his art. ”

“Unparalleled insight into his life”

Before the diaries are published, they are edited by Alan Taylor. He describes them as “anecdotal, indiscreet, funny, gossipy and sincere”.

“They are easy to read and provide an unparalleled insight into the daily life of a remarkable actor who was certainly as loved in the United States as it was in the United Kingdom.”

“He wrote in his diaries as if he were talking to a good friend”, the publisher says. The writings are perfect: “Short, clear paragraphs that tell a bigger story”.


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