Did Kanye West tamper with the fundraising campaign for his presidential campaign?

Kanye West is world famous for a variety of reasons. He also added a presidential candidate to the list of rapper and fashion designer last year. That candidacy did not turn out as West probably expected. And now it appears that he would also have tampered with the fundraising for his campaign.

Clearly, the US presidential election didn’t turn out the way Kanye West wanted last November. It is not him, but Democrat Joe Biden who has taken up residence in the White House.


So the disappointment for Kanye West was great. But the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has probably made it a bit bigger now. That independent body checks whether the election campaigns have been properly financed. And that turns out not to be the case with West. For example, it is prohibited to knowingly use money from minors or non-US citizens for your campaign.

So Kanye did. The rapper / entrepreneur / fashion designer sold homemade merchandise to finance his campaign. According to the FEC, more than 1,200 of Kanye West’s more than 3,160 donors are minors. They have put a total of no less than $ 349,160 on the table. That’s almost 294,000 euros.

In addition, the FEC also questions about various foreign sponsors. They have given false names and incorrect addresses.


Kanye West recognized his defeat fairly quickly after an election at the end of last year. It took a while, but the difference with other losing presidential candidates (read: Donald Trump) was striking.

Remarkably, Kanye West also immediately announced that he would be running again in the next presidential election, in 2024. Whether he will still do that after his recent divorce from Kim Kardashian and the announcement of the FEC, remains to be seen.


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