Die by the Blade introduces its devastating gameplay mechanics

The Kickstarter campaign for the one-hit kill fighter Die by the Blade is slowly coming to an end. Of course, this is also the point in time when makers usually mobilize everything again. This should be achieved with a new video that provides a first look at the gameplay mechanics. It will be commented by Development Lead Peter Adamondy from Triple Hill Interactive.

The development of the fighting game has already been secured, and the campaign brought in over 20,000 euros. The developers from Slovakia only needed 16,800 euros. You have four more days to do your part.

The aim of the campaign is not only to collect money, but also to communicate with the fans. Die by the Blade draws inspiration from genre classics such as Bushido Blade and Way of the Samurai. Fighting is only done with the sword, hits have a devastating effect. The smallest mistake is fatal.

The by the Blade should appear for consoles and PCs. The publication is planned for June 2021 and will also include German texts. You can find the official website here.

Images: Die by the Blade, Grindstone / Triple Hill Interactive, Toko Midori


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