Dierense church for sale, price increased to 825,000 euros to find a buyer

For that amount you get back a considerable number of meters of living space: 236 square meters in the current living area of ​​the building alone.

That comes down to a mere 3500 euros per square meter, an amount for which you within the Amsterdam ring have little chance of success if you are looking for housing.

Large garden

The church is therefore far from the Randstad, in Dieren, Gelderland, which is wedged between the forests of the Veluwe and the floodplains of the IJssel. With a garden of over 2000 square meters, you don’t have to go far from home to get some fresh air.

Sounds idyllic, but so far the sale of the church has not been going so smoothly. He is already on Funda for the second time, says broker Ton van Cooten.

Hard to sell

The church had already been sold, but the buyers could not get the financing. Banks are wary because of the corona crisis and because it is not an everyday purchase. “Banks only want to finance if you also have a lot of your own money,” he explains.

And that, in addition to the increased prices on the housing market, is the reason that the asking price has increased, however strange that may sound. “By increasing the price a little bit, from 795,000 to 825,000, we hope to attract a target group that can afford this. Sometimes you can meet other people in a slightly higher price range,” says Van Cooten, who is ‘not secretive’. about this sales strategy. “We don’t have to play peek-a-boo about that.”

The strategy seems to be paying off, next Monday, five ‘parties’ will be watching, he says. This includes not only private individuals, but also interested parties who want to establish their office and a company that wants to build homes in it.

This is also easy, because almost 400 square meters of surface area is not yet in use. That space has been renovated, so that the new owner can get started with it. “That doesn’t look attractive now, it still needs to be dressed,” admits Van Cooten.

National monument

This creativity is hardly possible on the outside, because the church is a national monument. “If you don’t like that, you shouldn’t start,” warns Van Cooten.

The buyer does not have to be religious, the broker laughs. The denomination that owned the church sold the church in 2000. Since then, the property has already changed owners once. The children of the family that now owns it, want to move, which is why the property is being sold.


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