Digital driver’s license for mobile phones stopped due to security vulnerabilities

Again the wallet and with it the wallet Forgot driver’s license? This should no longer happen to motorists in Germany in the future. They should be hers “Rag” soon too in digital form on the smartphone can show. And nowadays almost everyone always has it with them. But unfortunately there is one now on the way to reality unexpected setback.
A week after Starting shot Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) made the project “digital driving license” from his home stopped for the time being. To be more precise, the one in Germany was associated with it “ID Wallet” smartphone app for clues on Vulnerabilities from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store withdrawn.

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The service provider Digital Enabling GmbH commissioned by the federal government only referred to Server overload problems through increased attention from users “who deal intensively with security and trust issues”. To follow up on the clues and the system higher payloads will be interpreted in the coming weeks carry out further tests and take the app out of the stores during this time.

Digital driver’s license is intended to replace analog paper in the long term

The digital driver’s license, which is kept in the ID wallet, should first be the Use of rental cars or car sharing offers facilitate. In the long term, the digital image of the driver’s license should be on the smartphone completely replace the analog paper can, for example with a ID control. minister Chafing showed according to information from the German Press Agency (dpa) “pissed off“. He is” on the pointer “that his ministry is delivering working projects and that it is going on fragmented responsibilities “once again tick”. The Chancellery insisted that the digital driver’s license be available in the app. In the black and red federal government, the Minister of State for Digitization, Dorothee Bär (CSU), was in favor of one Digitization of official documentsn and applications based on it, such as the ID Wallet. The application is also formally the responsibility of the Federal Chancellery.

EU transport ministers paved the way

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The old paper documents will lose their validity by January 2033 at the latest.

At the beginning of November 2020, the EU Commission had made it clear at the informal meeting of European transport ministers known for the digital driver’s license and thus paved the way. “I am very happy about this practical progress, because it guides people Advantages of digitization clearly in mind, “said Scheuer at the time. The ADAC also welcomed the project with a view to Ease of use and convenience, but at the same time urged compliance with higher levels Data protection standards at. In addition, in terms of road safety, it must be ensured that a temporary driving license withdrawal or a driving ban “are shown here and at the same time,” said a spokeswoman.

Norway uses a driving license app

For several years now, a step-by-step plan has been running for the exchange of driving licenses from old paper documents to the EU credit card format. In Norway one is already further. You have been there for a long time driver’s license (There are seven learning tips for the driver’s license test here) using an app called “Førerkort” (the Norwegian word for “driver’s license”). After entering a personal code, the opens Site of the state transport authoritywhere the details of the driver’s license are recorded. There is also one QR codethat the police can scan.

With material from dpa.

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