Digital Life 2/2022 Windows 11 – now on newsstands

In the new Digital Life 2/2022 you will learn everything about diagnosis, maintenance and rescue of Windows 11 in illustrated step-by-step instructions. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

At the moment, your Windows 11 machine is fresh and running smoothly. Of course you want it to stay that way. The good news: you can do a lot about it. With the help of targeted checks, you can identify PC weaknesses in good time and adjust them before performance drops. Quickly solve PC problems – regardless of whether a software update does not work or the WLAN is on strike. And you also make provisions for real PC emergencies. Because with the new Digital Life rescue system, you can always access your data and get your system up and running again quickly. You can always rely on the clear step-by-step instructions and the carefully compiled tool package on the DVD. That’s all you need for an all-round well-maintained Windows 11 that stays in good shape. The new Digital Life 2/2022 Windows 11. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

These are some of the topics in the new Digital Life 2/2022 Windows 11

Windows 11 check

  • Run the right checks in Windows 11

  • Import updates for Windows 11 and software

  • Put Windows 11 to the test in a stress test

  • Carry out a firmware check for your hardware

  • Find problems with the Event Viewer Checker

Solve Windows 11 problems

  • Solve common USB problems on Windows computers

  • Windows 11 does not come into the home network (anymore).

  • Your printer does not print at all or not correctly

  • Solve problems with the Microsoft Store

  • An app cannot access hardware

Save Windows 11

  • Fix Windows 11 with Troubleshooter

  • Windows 11 repair with onboard tools

  • How to Use Self Help DVD 2022

  • Back up files to a USB stick or USB disk

  • Copy old hard drive to new drive

Software on booklet DVD


Digital Life 2/2022 Windows 11

is available for 5.90 euros at the kiosk. You can also order the magazine and have it delivered to your home or download it as an e-paper.

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