Digital meter and solar panels? Then that meter may no longer “turn back” from today.

Those who have a digital meter and solar panels should also contact an energy supplier to conclude a feed-in contract. You can now receive money for the electricity that your solar panels produce. If you have a digital meter, the prosumer rate will disappear at the same time and you will therefore no longer have to pay because you are putting electricity on the grid.

For those who still have an analog counter, nothing will change for the time being: your counter just keeps rolling back if you produce more power than you consume. That advantage will only disappear when the old meter is replaced by a digital meter.

If you still have such an old meter, you can let the grid operator Fluvius know until the beginning of 2025 that you do not want a digital meter at home. But don’t call Fluvius right now to ask. Fluvius will always contact you first when it comes to replace a meter.

People with solar panels can then let Fluvius know that they do not want a digital meter yet. Please note: anyone who has solar panels installed now or has a revolving counter for 15 years cannot request a postponement. Incidentally, this favor must also pass the legal test.


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