Digital nomads: These are the best countries for remote work

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Germany works “remotely”. Since the corona pandemic at the latest, employees have also been in the home office. But that doesn’t have to mean staying at home in the long run: many countries around the world offer good conditions for digital work.

In which it is particularly worthwhile, an index from the British telecommunications provider Circleloop now shows. In its “Digital Nomad Index”, Germany ranks 10th out of a total of 100.

Rental costs, migration, working holiday visas: This is how the Digital Nomad Index came about

The Digital Nomad Index was created on the basis of several factors. This included the average speed for fixed broadband internet and mobile internet in the respective country as well as the costs that have to be raised.

In addition, search queries for location-independent positions, the average rental costs for a 1-room apartment or the satisfaction of the people in the country according to the “World Happiness Index” were taken into account. Countries with the acceptance of migrants and the issuing of working holiday visas also had an advantage. These visas allow a combination of travel and work.

The data on network speed in the Digital Nomad Index go back to the British company, for Internet costs on Circleloop determined the average annual search queries for “remote jobs in X” for the individual countries using the Google Keyword Planner. The placement of a country in the ranking was calculated from all these factors.

The top 3 for digital nomads: Canada, UK, Romania

The most important thing for digital work is a stable and fast internet connection. According to the Digital Nomad Index, these are particularly good and fast in Singapore, Hong Kong, Romania and the United Arab Emirates.

The cheapest 1-room rental apartments on average have again Romania (325 euros), France (758 euros) and Germany with 824 euros per month. Most of the searches for remote jobs, ie digital jobs, were in Canada at 83,900 per year. The country is considered to be particularly friendly – also towards newcomers: Canada has a migrant share of 21.3 percent.

Finally, the overall ranking is headed by Canada, Great Britain and Romania: All of them have the best conditions for digital nomads. This is followed by Sweden (4th place), Denmark (5th place), France (6th place), the Netherlands (7th place), Australia (8th place), Switzerland (9th place) and Germany.

Finally, places 11 to 20 are occupied by Norway, Hungary, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Lithuania, Thailand, Finland and Austria.



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