Director teases “The Masked Singer” song with Sandra Kim

The Masked Singer is done, but that does not mean that we have already heard of it. Regi is now teasing the collaboration with winner Sandra Kim via TikTok. And their song will undoubtedly sound familiar to you.

Last Friday it was finally time for the showdown of the first season of The Masked Singer. In it, the last three masks finally went off and the winner was also immediately crowned. Although winner Sandra Kim actually wore a crown all season.

Sandra Kim

In the finale of The Masked Singer Duiker, Wolf and Queen competed against each other. And we finally found out who was hiding under the colorful masks. For example, Duiker turned out to be none other than Gio Kemper, who we heard singing in before Star actor Star performer. Behind Wolf’s mask, actor Kevin Janssens was hiding. And Queen turned out to be Sandra Kim, who had been using her best word of Dutch all season.

In the end it was also Sandra Kim who made the first Flemish season The Masked Singer won. Many people immediately wondered whether the singer would come up with new music. They didn’t have to wait long for the answer because her first new single seems to be coming soon.

Who Are You?

In a video that Regi shared on TikTok, he can be seen together with Sandra Kim. They dance together to the tones of Who Are You? from The Who, which we also know as the intro track of The Masked Singer. But this time the vocal lines are provided by none other than Sandra Kim.

So this is the collaboration between Sandra Kim and Regi that was announced earlier. It is not yet clear when we can expect the new song, but since we can already hear a part in the TikTok, the song seems ready.


WHO ARE YOU? ## queen ## vtmthemaskedsinger ## sandrakim

♬ original sound – Regi


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