Director who openly insulted ‘Euphoria’ actor Lukas Gage reacts for the first time

Since last weekend a special audition video of Euphoriaactor Lukas Gage. That audition was done through Zoom, and the director in question clearly hadn’t mastered all of the tool’s functions yet. He gave rude comments about the actor’s apartment. And now he has responded to those facts for the first time.

Last Friday shared Euphoriaactor Lukas Gage posted a video on social media. It showed how he auditioned for a currently unknown role via Zoom. The director who had to judge his ability sat making rude comments on the apartment in which the actor lives.

The director thought he could not be heard, but he had forgotten the mutefunction. It was the actor himself who made that mistake clear with a pained look. Then he got ready to start his audition.

Tristram Shapeero

The video went viral, but the director’s identity remained unknown for a long time. Until now. Because Tristram Shapeero has released a statement on the world via entertainment website Deadline. Shapeero has directed several episodes of, among others Never Have I Ever and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Take responsibility

Tristram Shapeero
Tristram Shapeero – Isopix (Photo by Rob Latour / Rex Features)

“Despite what is probably the best advice – say as little as possible and let this pass by – I have decided to come out, take responsibility for it and give Mr. Gage the excuses he deserves,” Shapeero said. “I also want to give some background on my unacceptable and insensitive comments.”

“First and foremost, I would like to offer Mr. Gage my sincere and sincere apologies for my insulting words, my unprofessional behavior during the audition and for not giving him the focus and attention he deserved. My job is to evaluate actors according to the role I want to cast. Lukas deserved better. ”

“Sincere position of appreciation”

“I used the word ‘poor’ to mean meriting compassion, not an economic judgment. My words came from a sincere position of appreciation for what actors have to endure, in enclosed spaces, to motivate themselves to give a role-winning performance in such circumstances. ”

“As I said in my video, I am ashamed of what happened. Of course I can’t get the proverbial toothpaste back in the tube. But this incident has made me a more empathetic man, a more focused director. And I promise, an even better partner for actors, from their audition to the final product. ”


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