Dirk / Dekamarkt turns out to be a merger flop | Still billions for Yukos victims? | And formation moves on

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Curious about how the collaboration between supermarket chains Dekamarkt and Dirk went wrong? Our editor Mathijs Smit looked it up. The desired affiliation of other family businesses with Detailresult never got off the ground. Now the merger is partly reversed, and that is a bad omen.

You can learn to train, but in the Netherlands it takes a very long time this time. Informers Johan Remkes of the VVD and Wouter Koolmees of D66 are boldly moving forward in the provincial government of Groningen. There they speak with, among others, the party leaders of CDA and ChristenUnie.

Will three major shareholders of the former Yukos still get billions from Russia? The oil company was nationalized by Russia in 2005. The shareholders could whistle for their money and filed a lawsuit. Today the Supreme Court will finally make the final decision.

Queen Máxima opens the new office of software giant AFAS in Leusden. And that is quite a special building: only 20 percent of the 8000m2 building is equipped as a workplace. Curious about this ‘office of the future’? RTL Z will be there, from 12 noon.

This piece was the most shared yesterday:
The more expensive payment packages have done ING no harm. Partly because customers will spend about 10 percent more this year on their account maintenance and debit card, the bank is running like a charm.

We think you should also read this:
More than 100,000 Dutch households invest so clumsily that they can get into major financial problems. They take too much risk or act too impulsively with money they can’t afford to lose.

And you may have missed this last night:
The customers of the bankrupt Welkom Energie have to pay much more at Eneco for their gas and light. And they are only allowed to switch after one month, although competitors are currently much cheaper (and Eneco itself too, for that matter, although they are not waving those rates).

This could come along at the coffee machine:

  • They are far from faceting their Waterloo: the big earners of ABBA are releasing a new album.
  • (If) still score a ticket for Pinkpop 2022? The presale will restart at 10:00 am!
  • Always wanted to know what a professional darts player earns? You will find the answer here.
  • No more wines, wines, wines for this top restaurant in Spain.
  • Get rid of the jubilant, a higher tax on your own house, or build more. These measures do work against an overheated housing market.

Good day!

ps Everything is getting more and more expensive. Inflation has not been this high in almost 20 years. RTL Z explains why (and how long it will take) in this video.

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