‘Disappointed’ unions announce rail strikes

If the rail operator still does not comply with the demands of FNV and VVMC, the unions also want to set up strikes among the rest of the NS staff and that of high-speed train Thalys. The two unions promise to inform travelers in time.

The announcement that the unions want to go on strike comes after an ultimatum they had given the company expired. That ultimatum expired at 6 p.m. today.

NS is disappointed

The NS says it is ‘disappointed’ by the announcement. The company wants to continue talking with the unions in the coming days and will also provide more information for travelers as soon as it is clear what the actions entail.

FNV and VVMC recently sent several ultimatums to the NS, but according to them the company did not give a satisfactory answer. The ultimatums focused specifically on the parts of the staff where the strike would be the first. But according to FNV director Henri Janssen, these are such important matters at the company that eventually broader campaigns could be taken, for example with the driving personnel.

Final offer NS voted down

At NS International and Thalys, the unions want a better offer for improving the working conditions for conductors. A final offer in which, among other things, more wages was promised, the members of unions voted against by a majority.

In addition, staff are dissatisfied with the way in which NS is implementing the redesign of the service at the stations. This would make it increasingly difficult to guarantee safety and service to travelers. It would also become more difficult for service employees to do their work under good working conditions.

Million Loss

The transport company has been hit hard by the corona crisis. Last month, the NS recorded a loss of millions for the first half of this year. According to the company, the number of travelers was still much lower than before the pandemic. The NS only transported 35 percent of the number of passengers compared to before the outbreak of the virus.

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