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Disarming fantasy on the Japanese coast Movie

The love sparks quickly spread in the Japanese animated film Ride your wave. After Hinako is rescued from a burning apartment by Minato, the two are inseparable. But after half an hour of romance, disaster strikes, after which fantasy and drama start to mix.

It would be a shame to go into details about those developments here, but at least they yield disarming scenes. Ride your wave winks at beloved Studio Ghibli movies (My neighbor Totoro, Ponyo) and moved by the way Hinako and Minato keep in touch. Yet Yuasa also misses the finesse of his famous Japanese colleagues.

Love, tragedy, growing up; Ride your wave wants to get rid of many important themes in an hour and a half. A clear line sometimes seems to be missing, clichés and artificial drama lurk. But the endearing romance also lingers. Just like the Japanese pop song on the soundtrack.



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