Disaster control: Here you will find all federal warnings

Civil protection warnings, weather warnings, flood reports and Corona: An official website of the authorities provides all warnings.

The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance BBK operates the website, on which all warnings available to the BBK are included. This portal bundles official reports and information on dangerous situations, weather warnings and flood information. The BBK receives the necessary information directly from the responsible bodies. as the authority explains.

On the actual overview page for the warnings, a map of the Federal Republic of Germany is at the center. There, areas with warnings are highlighted in color. This is particularly practical for the Corona case numbers: You can see immediately on the map what the Corona situation is in the respective areas.

You can use checkboxes above the map to select which warning messages you want to see. There are four types of warnings to choose from:

  • Civil protection warnings: This includes all warnings that are not related to the weather or floods or corona and pose a risk to health, property or public infrastructure.

  • Weather warnings: self-explanatory

  • Flood reports: self-explanatory

  • Corona case numbers: Cases of the last 7 days, total number of corona cases, cases calculated for 100,000 inhabitants, deaths and the number of single welfare.

For civil protection warnings and weather warnings, you can specify the warning level from which you will be shown the warnings. This is useful for filtering out less urgent warnings and making it easier to keep track of things.

You can define locations for which you want the warning messages to be displayed. For each location, the current corona situation and the applicable corona rules can be displayed on request.


If you are particularly interested in the flood situation (which is currently very relaxed), there is a website for it. You can read more about this in the message Flood Map: Track water levels in real time.

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