Discovery in Germany: Tesla Model 3 is now delivered with a larger battery

The model maintenance for the Tesla Model 3 is apparently not limited to visual changes and a heat pump for more efficient air conditioning. US media reported on Wednesday about another interesting innovation that had previously been discovered by users of the German forum Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF): Instead of around 79 kilowatt hours of capacity, the battery in the larger versions of the Model 3 should now offer 82 kilowatt hours. That is an increase of around 5 percent, as announced by Tesla’s partner Panasonic for the battery cells from the joint Gigafactory in Nevada.

Long discussion about Tesla innovations

The discussion about the refreshment of the Model 3, which Tesla had confirmed in October, now includes several thousand articles in the TFF. Users want to know what exactly Tesla has changed and are eager to analyze reports and videos about the first deliveries. In the course of this, someone who ordered a Model 3 published data from the vehicle registration document, which Tesla had sent him before delivery. And it clearly says: Battery capacity 82 kWh.

This seems to confirm that at least some of the currently newly produced Model 3s from Tesla are already equipped with the Panasonic cells with the higher capacity. A manager of the Japanese manufacturer recently confirmed that 5 percent more were planned in the old format; In addition, this cell is characterized by excellent charging performance. Buyers of the new Model 3 can therefore not only hope for a little more capacity, but also for faster loading.

New battery not yet in all Model 3

However, apparently not all Tesla Model 3s ordered after the refresh announcement in October have the improved cells – so there is likely to be a transition period with uncertainty on this point. It also remained open at first whether Tesla would also give a range surcharge for the larger battery. So far, the information on the German website still corresponds to the values ​​that were noticeably increased for all variants when the update was announced.

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If only Model 3 with the better cells is produced, Tesla could therefore increase the range – the previous increases were apparently mainly due to the installation of a heat pump like the Model Y. Paid activation of the extra capacity via software would also be conceivable: A US hacker recently discovered a new software restriction for the Model 3 on the currently specified range according to the EPA standard, which Tesla could remove via an update.


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