discovery of the 2.0 electric car

Expected in 2023, the Renault 5 Prototype embodies the electric future of the diamond brand. We were able to discover it during a static presentation organized in Paris. The opportunity to talk to one of the fathers of the project.

Revealed during the Renaulution, the Renault 5 Prototype heralds the electric rebirth of the mythical city car of the 1970s. In charge of concept cars at Renault, François Leboine explains the model’s philosophy to us.

Many winks

In terms of design, the connection with the original Renault 5 is clear. We thus find the particular silhouette, the rounded grille or the curved wings borrowed from the R5 Turbo. Period elements are naturally complemented by a modern touch. The optics thus incorporate the latest lighting technologies while the push button integrated in the door is replaced by a fingerprint reader. The air intake of the R5 has also been diverted to be transformed into a charging hatch.

This Renault 5 Concept also announces the use of new materials. A nod to the vinyl roof used on vintage models, the concept incorporates a woven texture on its roof that contrasts with the yellow of the body. ” It may also be a play on materials which is very contemporary. The future will be based more and more on new materials, ”explains the Renault designer. A path already taken by the Renault ZOE which, in certain trim levels, uses recycled materials.

In terms of dimensions, the new Renault 5 adapts to new automotive codes. “ It is a car of our time but whose proportions are based on those that evoke the R5 »Summarizes François Leboine. With 3.96 m in length, this R5 concept is 44 cm longer than the first Renault 5 (3.52 m). Compared to the rest of the tricolor manufacturer’s range, it is placed halfway between the small Twingo (3.61 m) and the Renault ZOE (4.08 m). With the mirrors, it extends over 2.03 m in width for a height of 1.52 m. Apart from the width which should be smaller, the final model should keep the same portions.

Renault 5 (original)3.52 m
Renault Twingo3.61 m
Renault 5 concept3.96 m
Renault ZOE4.08 m
Renault 5: old and new model side by side

If it takes the DNA of the original model, the new Renault 5 adapts its dimensions to the models of its time

A neo-retro interior

For the time being, Renault has not opened the doors to its Renault 5. ” It is obvious that the interior will work with the exterior by playing on both counts. There will be both historical links to what the R5 was and at the same time technological content worthy of a 2023 car ”promises François Leboine.

While waiting to learn more, the manufacturer already offers us some clues. We can thus see through the windshield a large head-up display device. On the software part, the on-board computer should be based on an Android platform and natively integrate the various Google applications.

Play on emotion

The philosophy of this future electric R5 contrasts radically with the current Renault ZOE. It must be said that the electric market has changed a lot. When it was launched in 2013, the ZOE was alone in its segment. This is clearly no longer the case today! The brand will therefore have to be more original if it wishes to stand out from its competitors.

A small town with ” good autonomy, good compactness and a hell of a face ! “. This is the concept of this new city car, which will replace the Twingo ZE and the ZOE, the end of their career of which is scheduled for 2023-2024.

The Renault 5 is Renault’s electric 2.0 and will seek new customers attracted by vehicles with a strong personality like the Fiat 500 or the Mini. What we want is to find people who are with Renault but also those who are not, ”summarizes François Leboine.

In charge of concept cars at Renault, François Leboine explains the philosophy of this new electric Renault 5.

Characteristics to be specified

Battery capacity, range, engine … it is still too early to discuss the characteristics of this new city car. Renault confirms, however, that it will be designed on the CMF-B EV platform, an electric derivative of that which powers the Captur. Renault aiming at both city use and an affordable price, it is more than likely that the capacity of the pack is close to the 52 kWh of the current ZOE. One way for the manufacturer to keep its price targets but also not to cannibalize the future Renault Megane electric in the upper segment.

On the engine part, we should also find characteristics close to the ZOE, available in 110 and 135 hp. Democratization of the electric force, it is however very likely that the brand offers a sporty RS version.

Expected by 2023, the new electric Renault 5 will be assembled in Douai (North). Its price has not yet been announced but could fall below € 20,000 for entry-level versions.

And you ? What do you think of this electric R5? What would be its ideal configuration? Do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments and on the forum dedicated to the Renault 5 electric.


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