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Thanks to a partnership between Automobile Propre and Citroën, Audrey and Olivier left for three weeks at the wheel of the New Citroën ë-C4, the brand’s 100% electric compact sedan with chevrons. We met them during the key collection.

Going away for almost a month with a new car is in itself quite an experience… But at the wheel of the 100% electric New Citroën ë-C4, admit that the adventure looks like a trip to the future! It is even a big leap into the unknown for Audrey and Olivier who have absolutely no experience of electric cars. They both responded to the call for applications launched at the start of the year by Automobile Propre to test the new Citroën electric vehicle for three weeks.

Selected from a panel of more than 2,400 candidates, they went to a Parisian photo studio to take possession of their vehicles. It is with great curiosity and, above all, a lot of questions, that they discover their ë-C4 in a super-equipped high-end Shine finish.

A very atypical ë-C4

A great surprise »Summarizes Audrey, obviously conquered by the style of this Citroën with very atypical lines, at the crossroads between sedan, SUV and Coupé.

Recognizable in this electric version by its blue inserts on the front bumper and the sills, by the small “ë” affixed to the front and rear fenders as well as by its specific rims, the New C4 electric does not look like it. is true, to no other. ” I find it aesthetically very successful and I really like the design of its front panel, aggressive just right and at the same time very modern “Adds Audrey, also under the spell of this interior atmosphere which mixes” beautiful materials with fairly feminine touches of color “.

It is especially racy with even a sporty side »Specifies Olivier, who also finds aboard this C4 the stylistic codes of the Citroën C5 Aircross that he drives on a daily basis… Spacious in the rear where the passengers have a very good space to stretch out their legs and equipped with leather seats” Advanced Comfort ”, the New ë-C4 does not ignore the“ techno ”side, combining a large 10-inch touch screen with digital instrumentation and a head-up display device. It is also distinguished by a real practicality thanks to its numerous “clever” storage spaces, like its drawer on the passenger side topped by a clever tablet support. ” Something to make the children wait when we recharge the battery on a terminal »Already imagines Audrey, astonished by this sympathetic attention.

Up to 350 km of autonomy

On the technical side, this Citroën ë-C4 uses the elements of the eCMP platform. It develops up to 136 hp (100 kW and 260 Nm of torque available immediately!) And offers “à la carte” driving. On the program: three driving modes (Eco, normal, sport) to which is added a function “B” (for “Brake”) reinforcing energy recovery during braking and deceleration phases.

Here equipped with an 11 kW three-phase charger (€ 350 option) and a Mode 3 charging cable (€ 360 option), the ë-C4 recharges its 50 kWh lithium-ion battery to 100% in 5 hours on a suitable Wallbox. On a fast terminal, it tolerates up to 100 kW via a Combo connector. It then recharges to 80% in 30 minutes.

A new “eco system” to appropriate …

Types of cables, network and terminals, recharging time, variable autonomy depending on driving conditions and the outside temperature, payment methods … Our two ambassadors have discovered that driving an electric car implies understanding a new eco system, well. different from that of our traditional combustion cars… They ask themselves a thousand questions.

A liberal nurse in Seine et Marne, Olivier wonders about autonomy (Citroën announces 350 km according to WLTP standards) and how he will recharge the battery on a daily basis. “ I have already looked at the network of terminals available in the area where I provide my care. I will see in practice »He specifies. As for Audrey, she wonders about the recharging times, more or less long depending on the type of plugs and the power of the terminals used, but also on the cost of refueling … ” As I only plan short trips, I plan to recharge at a terminal near our home during the night and also take advantage, as often as possible, of the free public terminals around Lyo.n ”she emphasizes.

May the most anxious rest assured: for long journeys, Citroën has set up a specific offer allowing the loan of a thermal car: the Mobility Pass.

Indispensable “tools”

Fortunately, there are many “tool” applications that can be downloaded on smartphones to facilitate the use of this special electrical eco-system. In this case, Audrey and Olivier will be able to use the application and the Chargemap badge to locate and use nearby charging points.

Another essential “tool”: the very precious “My Citroën” application which, by “dialoguing” with the ë-C4, makes it possible in particular to remotely program its recharges, to know the percentage of charge of its battery and the charging time. remaining before returning to his vehicle. The My Citroën application even allows you to activate the preheating of the interior of the ë-C4 from home. “A real luxury in this period of chilly mornings! And a good way to save your battery by avoiding turning on the heating fully when you leave ”emphasizes Audrey Amar, Citroën C4 project manager who knows the problems associated with electricity like the back of her hand …“ Past a little time to adapt, you will quickly get used to this eco system so that after a few days, you won’t even think about it! “She adds before giving them a final piece of advice:” The important thing with a 100% electric car is to determine the type of journeys as well as the number of kilometers per day that you plan to do “.

In the next few weeks, we will meet Audrey and Olivier who will tell us about their electric daily life behind the wheel of this New Citroën ë-C4.

Portrait of the ambassadors

Audrey, 40, fundraiser, Champagne-au Mont-D’Or (69)

This one-month trial in a Citroën ë-C4 is really timely because my husband and I are seriously considering replacing our SUV (note a BMW X1 Diesel) which is almost 7 years old by an electric car. For reasons of economy linked to use of course, but also because I think that the electric car is the future, particularly in the city of Lyon, which will become more and more restrictive. And then, it’s also a good way to make our two young children aware of ecological issues. In addition, I think that an electric car as a single car is perfect for our use and our way of life. Taking the children to school, going shopping, going to my work in the center of Lyon when I am not teleworking… We only make short trips in the Lyon region and more rarely longer distances like when we take our children to their grandparents in Bourg en Bresse. In fact, this month in Citroën ë-C4 will be a real test for us!

Olivier, 44 years old, private nurse, Bernay-Vilbert (77)

The electric car interests me a lot for its economic but also ecological virtues. I even think that the green side that it would bring to the caregiver that I am would be a plus for my patients. I am a loyal Citroënist and currently drive a C5 Aircross Diesel SUV with which I travel around 30,000 km per year. While keeping this vehicle for the few long journeys that we make with my wife during the holidays, I am considering taking an electric vehicle as the second car to carry out my rounds of care. Knowing that I travel about 150/170 kilometers per day on country roads, my doubts concern the real autonomy and the constraints related to the recharging of the battery during my tours, sometimes in places a little lost … This test in situation with the Citroën ë-C4 is therefore an excellent opportunity to take stock!

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