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Discredited Bilal Wahib can be seen on the silver screen | Gossip

It was quiet around Wahib for a while, but this year – if corona doesn’t throw a spanner in the works – he can be seen in the film Meskina. The film was shot well before the incident involving Wahib and the underage boy took place, reports Show news. The release date is not yet known, but a date will be set as soon as the cinemas open Meskina given.

It is one of the few bright spots for Wahib, because after the incident he was put aside by various parties. For example, record company Top Notch broke the cooperation with the rapper, he was able to write the Edison pop award he won on his stomach, NPO Zapp and BnnVara announced that he Teenage Boss no longer had to present and RTL canceled a broadcast of Rooijakkers on the Floor with Wahib.

The actor has also been permanently banned from Instagram.


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