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„We had difficulty with Heerenveen playing with a false left winger. We knew that, but it must be implemented. Everyone has to participate in this, but that did not always happen. We couldn’t solve it in the field, ”Advocaat continued against ESPN. “I am responsible for that. That bothers me a bit, that tactical. But I saw the passion to win more at Heerenveen than with us. Wanting to win. I would like to hear that from my players. We are all involved. ”

It was not the first time that Feyenoord did not have an immediate answer to the opponent’s tactics. Lawyer: „We have problems, from the game and in the field itself, to find a solution. If an opponent is in something else. You can call that football intelligence, yes. It has always gone well so far, but not in the last three games. Nothing is wrong. We just have to sit down and see how we’re going to fix that. That is the only way, because what else should you do? ”

The players of Feyenoord have a day off on Thursday. Friday will be the preparation for Sunday’s top match against PSV. “It doesn’t always make sense to shout. I just have to explain how I see it and they have to say how they see it. Let them talk too, right? ”

‘Back to the drawing board’

Feyenoord captain Steven Berghuis was harsh in his judgment after the defeat. The attacker ruled that his team had been tactically trumped by Heerenveen and that Feyenoord was unable to answer that. “I would say back to the drawing board. We have to solve it there, ”Berghuis told ESPN.

“I think we were particularly bad for the first half,” continued Berghuis. “We had a difficult time tactically. They dominated the midfield. On paper they missed one winger. We didn’t quite expect this. You saw that too. We have failed to do so. You lose the match there. ”

Berghuis: „I would say: back to the drawing board. We have to solve it there ”

Berghuis: „I would say: back to the drawing board. We have to solve it there ”

The Feyenoord players did not manage to convert it. Berghuis: „In the field we had a lot of trouble with that. We were looking but just couldn’t get it done. ”

The second half was slightly better, Berghuis thought. “But what are we talking about? We lost 3-0. Then you can’t really talk about it. ”


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