Disney +: 4K streaming is currently not available on some devices with Android TV

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Currently, some users are reporting that they are experiencing issues with 4K streaming on Disney +. Apparently different devices with Android TV are affected.

What’s the problem? It probably goes back to DRM adjustments that now affect some devices with Android TV. Initially, the apps for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix were also affected on some TV models – for example those from Philips. The problem was solved, only Disney + remains the exception. Many users are disappointed.

In addition to the televisions from Philips, z. B. some TV models from Sony and Hisense as well as allegedly the Nvidia Shield TV affected. However, we have an Nvidia Shield TV Pro in use in the editorial office and have not found any problems with 4K playback in the past few weeks or currently. Both Disney + and other apps work flawlessly with 4K and HDR.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not communicate transparently here, so it is difficult to determine what exactly are the problems with 4K playback. Do you have a television with Android TV and can you use Disney + properly in 4K? Or are you currently running into problems and sticking to HD or even SD?

Disney + in 4K: solution to the problem is open

The problem is that neither Disney nor the individual TV manufacturers communicate much about the 4K issue. This also leaves open when a solution could follow. At Disney +, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision are also linked to 4K, so to speak. So if you can’t stream in Ultra HD, you won’t be able to use the dynamic HDR format or the 3D sound.

Waiting and drinking tea can currently only be the motto. If you are very impatient or are completely fed up, you can of course help yourself by connecting an external streaming stick – for example the Amazon Fire TV 4K. The latter is currently appropriately again on offer for 34.99 euros to have.

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