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Disney + comes out with ‘Inside Pixar’: how are things in the animation studio?

From November 13, four episodes of Inside Pixar on Disney +. These episodes together form a docuseries about the ins and outs of the animation studio Pixar, which has been part of The Walt Disney Company for almost 15 years.

Inside Pixar has four episodes, each telling five short stories. Each episode of the docuseries deals with the same subject. The first episode is called “Inspired” and will be about how the people at Pixar come up with ideas and turn them into a final product.

Inside Pixar on Disney +

That first episode of Inside Pixar will be released tomorrow, on November 13, on streaming platform Disney +. The animation studio has been part of The Walt Disney Company since 2006.

Disney describes itself Inside Pixar as follows. “A docuseries full of personal and cinematographic stories, providing a glimpse into the people, art and culture of Pixar Animation Studios.”

Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar is best known for movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo, but in the meantime they have already made a lot more in the animation studio. In total they have 22 films to their name at Pixar. That resulted in just as many Oscars and four Golden Globes.

Pixar will soon be able to add a 23rd film to its list. Soul appears at Christmas on Disney +. Unlike other movies (Mulan, for example) will Soul immediately become part of the standard offering of the streaming service.


Soul is about musician Joe (voiced by Jamie Foxx), who seems to be dying on Earth. His soul leaves his body and is on the way to “the light.” But that waiting is taking too long, so Joe’s soul jumps out of the queue. We got to see all that in a trailer for the movie.

That is how that soul enters the Great Before justly. There young souls are formed. They get their own personality and learn what their interests are. When they are “fully grown”, they are released onto Earth, where they then become a person.


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