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Disney confirms release date for ‘Mulan’: July 24

Mulan will most likely be released on July 24. That was announced by Disney CEO Bob Chapek. The release of the live actionremake The classic was originally planned for March, but was postponed due to the arrival of the new Corona virus.

The live action version of Mulan would normally have appeared in cinema in March. But due to the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the release date of the highly anticipated remake of the film postponed to July 24.

Gang of Optimists

That is a date when many cinemas expect that they will certainly have opened the doors again. But that’s not at all certain, because the new coronavirus continues to cause problems and lockdowns all over the world.

Still, fresh Disney CEO Bob Chapek remains optimistic, and plans to continue Mulan to be released in theaters on July 24. “At Disney we are a bunch of optimists,” said an interview with CNBC. “And I think that’s a really good release date for this movie in particular.”

With that statement, Chapek also makes clear Disney’s approach in times of corona crisis: step by step, film by film.

Less audience

Many cinemas expect to have their doors open again by July. But even if that happens, and people dare to go to the cinema, less audience will be allowed in a hall by the rules around social distancing.

The release of Mulan (which will certainly get a sequel!) will almost certainly attract fewer people to the cinema than Disney had anticipated. But that doesn’t seem to deter the film studio.

Other releases

Much depends on releases from other films. Tenet for example, is scheduled to premiere on July 17. And that’s where studio Warner Bros. seems. not to deviate from it for the time being. If that does happen, and Tenet appears later, chances are that too Mulan will be the case.

So wait and keep a safe distance of one and a half meters!


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