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Disney film ‘Soul’ under attack: white voice actors dub dark characters

Soul was received with great success in the world last December. The public and the critics were full of praise for another gem from Pixar. They both talked about the story of Soul, as about the way the movie was animated. But now it is suddenly under attack. It has become clear that the voice of the black main character in many countries is spoken by a white voice actor.

Disney and Pixar released Soul a month ago, on Christmas. Due to the corona crisis, the film was immediately drawn to streaming platform Disney +. Only in countries where Disney + is not yet available Soul a so-called theatrical release.

Received full of praise

The movie was a huge success. Even without a grand premiere. On the worldwide known platform Rotten Tomatoes Soul from critics a score of no less than 96 percent. They praise the animation film because it is equally beautiful for all ages. Also the technical side of it Soul was received with praise.

White voice actors

But now problems are cropping up around the movie. It has become clear that several European countries have chosen a white voice actor to record the voice of the (black) main character. This is evident from an article in the New York Times. These include the Danish and Portuguese versions of Soul.

In Portuguese people are even very angry that the first black main character of Pixar has been given the voice of a white actor. They have started a petition. That petition has already been signed by more than 17,000 people. Among them are also several prominent figures.

In Dutch?

In the Dutch version of Soul the main character, Joe Gardner, has been given the voice of a black voice actor. It concerns that of Kenneth Bron. He is also known as singer and rapper Kenny B. He was born in Suriname and then moved to the Netherlands.


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