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Disney + gets European originals with leading role for Feyenoord

Disney + has big plans. With the arrival of channel Star there is a lot of news, including European originals. Feyenoord will play a leading role in this.

Feyenoord and Disney + actually go well together. They are both big, popular and loved. But, with a wink, the greatest successes are often based on fairy tales. On the new channel Star it will have its own documentary series and with that the football club from Rotterdam is following in the footsteps of Sunderland and Tottenham Hotspur, among others. They had a series on Netflix and Amazon respectively.

European originals on Disney +

The series about Feyenoord will be one of ten European originals that Disney + is developing especially for Star, the channel that can be seen on the streaming service from next week, Variety reports.

Several countries contribute to the new channel on Disney +. That’s how it comes with the French mini-series Oussekine, which is based on true events from 1986, when a young student died. There will also be a documentary about French singer Soprano Star the fantasy series Parallels and comes a comedy called Family Weekend.

The mafia series comes from Italy The Good Mothers, which shows life from a female perspective. The comedy series Boris is like a show within a show. There will also be an Italian romantic drama based on the movie hit Le Fate Ignoranti.

Much more on Star

Also gets from Germany Star his own originals. Sam – A Saxon is about the first black police officer from Germany. Anyone who thinks that Germans have no humor is wrong, because it also gets a black comedy with the name Sultan City. That title is about a German Turkish family who accidentally become the head of the underworld.

With Star Disney + thus opens the attack on Netflix. Not only will there be a good number of originals, it has also added a lot of well-known content to the channel. So you see on Star among other things How I Met Your Mother and the Die Hardmovies.

Feyenoord on Disney +

And so we will see Feyenoord. “For the first time in 112-year history all doors will open to the supporters,” the club from De Kuip already reported about the collaboration with The Walt Disney Company. What is promised: a ‘groundbreaking documentary’. Feyenoord hopes to be able to show the impact and appearance of the club to the world by allowing the cameras. The documentary about Feyenoord will consist of eight episodes. When we will be able to see them in the Netherlands has not yet been announced.

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Disney + gets European originals with leading role for Feyenoord


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