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Disney + gives ‘The Muppet Show’ a warning for “offensive content”

Disney + has been running for five seasons since last week The Muppet Show richer. Only 20 episodes have received a warning from the streaming service. Those episodes contain “negative representations and / or mishandling of people or cultures”, it sounds at Disney +.

The Muppet Show came to an end in 1981. Society looked very different then than it does now, and that is also noticeable on television. For example, 18 of the 118 episodes of the Disney + series have received a disclaimer because they contain “offensive content”. Variety has announced this to the world.

“Recognize Consequences”

“This program contains negative representations and / or mishandling of people or cultures,” read that warning on the streaming platform. “These stereotypes were already wrong then and still are.”

“We have decided not to remove this content because we want to recognize its harmful effects so that we can learn from it and spark a social dialogue for a more inclusive future for all.”

Confederate States

Disney + does not want to disclose exactly what content is involved. What is known is that the episodes include musicians Johnny Cash and Joan Baez, and comedians Peter Sellers and Steve Martin. For example, Johnny Cash is appearing in front of a controversial flag of the Confederate States.

In addition to the episodes that have been given a disclaimer, there is also one that has not appeared on Disney + at all. It is an episode written by Chris Langham. He was convicted in 2007 in a child pornography case. Disney + itself has not yet confirmed that news.

Disney classics

Disney + also previously issued warnings of racism to several movie classics. Among other things, it concerns Peter Pan, Jungle Book, The Aristocats, Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp. The warning stated that the films could contain “dated cultural images”.


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