Disney + hits new milestone of 100 million paying subscribers

Disney + gets through
Disney + receives a lot of new content through “Star”

Disney + remains on the road to success. According to the streaming provider, it has now reached over 100 million paying subscribers worldwide.

Most recently, the parent company, The Walt Disney Company, reported around 85 million paying subscribers for Disney + in December 2020. So there have been a few customers added in the last few months. The corona crisis certainly plays a role, which ensures that many users are looking for entertainment options at home and turning to streaming offers.

Disney + is currently available in 59 countries. Just recently, the portfolio was expanded to include many new films and series that are bundled under the Star brand. However, there are mainly a lot of older catalog titles and only a little content in 4K. In addition, Disney + will be more expensive, because the offer cost 69.99 euros or 6.99 euros a month in the first year. However, the price will be increased to EUR 89.99 per year or EUR 8.99 per month. Existing customers mostly get away with 69.99 euros in the second year.

However, it turns out that there seems to be enough room in the streaming market for new rivals. However, Disney should benefit greatly from its strong brands: Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and more naturally pull the subscribers away. Whether Warner with HBO Max, Universal with Peacock and Paramount with Paramount + will succeed internationally to the same extent in the long term remains to be seen.

Disney +: More investment in new content

In any case, Disney states that the “tremendous success” confirms the company in expanding its investment in streaming offerings. They want to add more than 100 new titles to their portfolio every year. This should include new animated films and series from the Disney universe as well as Marvel and Star Wars productions. It remains to be seen whether the quality can be maintained.


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