Disney is expanding its restrictions to all operations in Russia

Disney is taking the next step: after new releases in cinemas have already been discontinued, all business activities in Russia are now being discontinued.

Due to the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine, Disney has decided to temporarily pause all operations in Russia, the company said in a statement on its own blog.

This step is now being taken in addition to the previously announced pause in new cinema releases in cinemas in Russia.

Now Disney is expanding the stop to all of its businesses. These include that Disney cruise ships will no longer call at the port of St. Petersburg, the sale of Disney merchandise such as clothing and toys will be discontinued, National Geographic including the magazine and tours, and ongoing Disney productions.

There is no Disney+ in Russia

The licensing business is also to be restricted. However, since there is no Disney+ in Russia, pausing TV channels and Disney content for streaming platforms will be somewhat more difficult due to ongoing contracts. But Disney would like to follow suit here, too.

Disney would also like to work with aid organizations to provide help to refugees from Ukraine. Here is the entire statement:

“Last week, following Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, we announced that we would pause theatrical releases in Russia and review the rest of our business there.

In light of the relentless attack on Ukraine and the escalating humanitarian crisis, we are taking action to pause all other business in Russia. This includes content and product licensing, Disney Cruise Line operations, National Geographic magazine and tours, local productions and linear channels.

We can and will immediately pause some of these business activities. Others – like the linear channels and some content and product licenses – will take time due to contractual complexities.

Even as we pause these businesses, we remain committed to our dedicated colleagues in Russia who will continue to be employed. And we continue to work with our NGO partners to provide relief and other much-needed support to refugees.”

Other companies restrict trade and services with Russia

Meanwhile, the pressure on Russia is increasing. Disney isn’t the first company to shut down its services and sales in the country. Other well-known names such as Apple, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Netflix, Tiktok, Activision Blizzard and other big names have announced restrictions. You can read more about this in our relevant news on the subject:

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