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Disney places big warning for Peter Pan and Dumbo | Entertainment

The entertainment group announced at the start of the streaming service last fall that it would issue such a warning for films in which, for example, African-American characters are shown in a way that is now seen as racist. Until now this was done in a box, the communication is now much larger in the picture and cannot be skipped.

“This program shows people and cultures and / or the way they are treated in a negative way,” read the message. “Those prejudices were wrong then and they still are. Rather than removing that content, we want to recognize its harmful effects, learn from it and discuss how we can build a more inclusive future together. ”

Disney + is not the only streaming platform on which such communications are made. HBO has released Max since this spring Gone With The Wind watch a movie in which the African-American professor of film science Jacqueline Stewart explains that there is criticism of the film’s romantic, idyllic setting, set in a world where slavery was seen as normal. The film paints a nostalgic picture and thus denies the horrors of slavery, according to the professor.


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