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Disney Plus: 10 new in-house productions from Europe announced

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Disney Plus * has commissioned ten new in-house productions from Europe. The streaming service announced this on February 16, 2021 at a digital press event for the launch of Star on Disney Plus. The ten new in-house productions also include two series from Germany. These are the black comedy “Sultan City” and “Sam – a Saxon”, a mini-series based on real events. There are also four projects from France, three from Italy and one more from the Netherlands.

Disney Plus: What we already know about the new in-house productions from Europe

The streaming service presented the two German in-house productions at the Star launch event. Information on the productions from France, Italy and the Netherlands was also made available in a press release. What can we tell you about the new European originals?

“Sam – a Saxon”: Star Original from Germany

Drama based on the true life story of Samuel Meffire. Sam, East Germany’s first Afro-German police officer, became a media sensation in the early 1990s and just a few years later ended up behind bars as an enemy of the state.

Six episodes. Jörg Winger / Big Window Productions

“Sultan City”: Star Original from Germany

Genre mix of crime, thriller and dark comedy about a German-Turkish family. When the head of the family, Hasso, disappears without a trace, the quiet life of his wife Sultan and their grown daughters is completely turned upside down. Before his disappearance, Hasso headed a secret criminal empire in which the family is becoming increasingly entangled in search of him.

Eight episodes. Ayla Gottschlich and Aysel Yilmaz / Two Moons Pictures

“Weekend Family”: Disney Original from France

A hilarious family comedy that depicts the life of a new stepfamily who meet every weekend. But when the father starts a relationship with a new partner, the weekends take a completely different turn.

Eight episodes. Baptiste Filleul / Elephant Groupe

“Oussekine”: Star Original from France

Drama mini-series based on the true events of December 5, 1986 that led to the death of Malik Oussekine. The focus is on his family’s struggle for justice. The series delves into the 1980s to understand the impact this drama had on French society at the time.

Four episodes. Antoine Chevrollier / Itinéraire Productions

“Parallels”: Disney Original from France

Fantasy adventure about four teenage friends who are catapulted into parallel dimensions. There is a race to return home before their future is forever changed.

Six episodes. Quoc Dang Tran / Empreinte Digitale

“Soprano: Sing or Die”: Star Original from France

The documentary series provides a unique and intimate glimpse into one of France’s most popular artists, following the story of Soprano’s success and how he worked with friends who have been by his side since their humble beginnings in Marseille.

6 episodes. Breath Films

“The Good Mother”: Star Original from Italy

Detective drama based on a true story of three women born into the deadliest and wealthiest of the Italian mafia clans. They work with a courageous public prosecutor when they take on the mammoth task of bringing down the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta. These wives, mothers, and daughters display formidable bravery in the face of the bloodthirsty misogyny of their husbands, fathers, and brothers as they realize they are the key to destroying the mafia from within.

Six episodes. Stephen Butchard / House Productions and Wildside

“Boris”: Star Original from Italy

Boris’ first seasons followed the world behind the scenes of a low budget medical drama series. The new season of the show-in-a-show format brings the original crew back together. Soon they discover that the world of television has changed due to social media, influencers and various streaming platforms. How will the protagonists survive in this new world?

Six episodes. Giacomo Ciarrapico, Luca Vendruscolo / The Apartment, a Fremantle Company

“The Ignorant Angels”: Star Original from Italy

When her husband Massimo dies in a car accident, Antonia finds out in this romantic drama that he was having a same-sex affair with a man named Michele. She is devastated, but prudish Antonia develops an unexpected and moving friendship with Michele and his circle of eccentrics.

Eight episodes. Ferzan Ozpetek, Gianni Romoli, / R&C Productions

“Feyenoord Rotterdam”: Star Original from the Netherlands

In the sports documentary series, Feyenoord Rotterdam, one of the most popular clubs in the Netherlands, opens its doors. A workers’ club with a history full of melancholy and pride at the same time, loved and persecuted by millions in the Netherlands.

Eight episodes. Lusus Media

When will the new Originals appear on Disney Plus?

When exactly the new European originals will appear on the streaming service has not yet been determined. We can only promise you this much: Disney Plus * has announced that it will commission a total of 50 in-house productions in Europe by 2024. In addition to the new Star area, this should make the platform even more attractive for its subscribers. Around ten new “Star Wars”, ten Marvel and 15 Disney live action, animation and Pixar series are also supposed to ensure this. Overall, the Disney Plus program with Star and other new content is to be expanded by more than 100 titles.

As part of the expansion of Disney Plus *, the streaming service will also be a bit more expensive. The contribution fees increase from 6.99 euros to 8.99 euros per month or from 69.99 euros to 89.90 euros per year. The new prices apply from February 23, 2021. There is a transition phase for existing customers who have subscribed up to and including February 22, 2021. For example, they will only pay the increased contribution fees from August 22, 2021.

Disney Plus

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What else you should know about Star on Disney Plus

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