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Disney releases new trailer for ‘Soul’

We have to be patient for more than two months before we do Soul will get to see. The latest Pixar movie will be released on Disney + at Christmas. Of course, two months can take centuries, or feel like it. That’s why Disney has a new trailer for Soul released into the world.

Disney had the release of Soul scheduled in last summer. The film would probably have been a huge success, and could even compete for important awards. But then came the corona crisis. As a result, the release of Soul postponed several times.


Meanwhile, the pandemic is flaring up again. And that makes it seem unwise for Disney Soul in the cinema. The studio announced earlier this month that the film will be released directly on Disney +.

It looks a bit like a Christmas present because Soul will be included in the Disney + catalog from Christmas (December 25th). That release will take more than two months. So Disney is trying to ease the suffering with a brand new trailer.

The new trailer of Soul:


The trailer contains a lot of information about the story of Soul. So we learn that musician Joe (Jamie Foxx) appears to be dying on Earth. His soul leaves his body and is on the way to “the light.” But that waiting is taking too long, so Joe’s soul jumps out of the queue.

That’s how he gets into the Great Before justly. There young souls are formed. They get their own personality and learn what their interests are. When they are “fully grown”, they are released to Earth, where they then become a person.

No Premium Access

In contrast to Mulan shall Soul are included in your Disney + subscription. To Mulan To view it, you have to pay an additional Premium Access fee until December 4. The live action version of Mulan are available to everyone.


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