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Disney + removes films with racist stereotypes (‘Peter Pan’, ‘The Aristocats’ …) from children’s catalog

Anyone looking for movies like Dumbo, Peter Pan or The Aristocats, should no longer do that via the child section. The films have been removed from this part of Disney + because they contain racist stereotypes. The films can still be found on the streaming service.

It has been known for a while that old Disney movies sometimes contain racist stereotypes. This concerns the perception of certain communities and races.

Racist stereotypes

Disney intervened earlier. Several old movies, including Dumbo, The Aristocats and Peter Pan, received an announcement on Disney + before the start of the film. The statement explains that the film contains racist stereotypes that are currently unacceptable. “These stereotypes were wrong then and still are”, it says among others.

But despite the stereotypes, Disney wanted to keep the movies available to viewers. In this way, viewers can “recognize the harmful impact, learn from it and start the conversation to work towards a more inclusive future”. Until now, the films – including this announcement – were simply available in the Disney + children’s catalog, but they will be removed from there.

Children’s catalog

So films with racist stereotypes will no longer be found in the Disney + children’s catalog, but in the adult catalog. In this way they want to make it possible for parents to point out these stereotypes to their children before or during the film and to make it clear that this does not accurately represent certain races or population groups.

Siamese cat the Aristocats
The Siamese cat in ‘The Aristocats’ = Source: Disney

On Stories Matter, a special website made by Disney, you can read what is wrong with the films. For example, it is about the Siamese cat in The Aristocats. This cat has slit eyes and plays the piano with chopsticks. In addition, this cat’s voice was recorded by a white voice actor who spoke with an accent on purpose. In Dumbo it is about the racist ‘minstrel shows’. In it, white actors perform with a black painted face, which is seen as blackface. Peter Pan Finally, it contains stereotypical portrayals of Native Americans.


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