Disney+ secures exclusive rights to series classics

From now on, a total of ten series classics in Germany can only be seen exclusively on Disney+.

The Disney+ streaming service not only relies on its own content, but also wants to attract customers with exclusive licensed content. From now on, this also includes the following ten series classics:

The ten series are now available in Germany in their entirety only via Disney+. Disney has taken the opportunity and no longer extends expiring license agreements with competing services, the colleagues at Golem report. The series may still be licensed by other providers, but only individual seasons or episodes. From now on, they should only be available in their entirety at Disney+.

Licenses expired in April

The rights for almost all of the series mentioned expired in April this year on Sky Ticket, RTL+, Joyn+ and Amazon Prime Video. In March, the licenses for six Marvel series ended on Netflix, which can now also be seen exclusively on Disney+. With the exclusive licenses for complete series, the streaming service wants to become more attractive for both existing customers and potential new customers.

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