Disney + starting today with virtual group viewing

Disney + becomes the most important content offering for Disney

As of today, Disney is offering a new function in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: GroupWatch. So you can virtually indulge in streaming together with family and / or friends.

So from now on you will recognize a new symbol within the Disney + app, which is used to start a GroupWatch session. However, an important note is necessary: ​​You can only start these joint streaming sessions either via the mobile app for Disney + on a smartphone or tablet with Android or Apple iOS or via a browser on the PC. You cannot send invitations to smart TVs or streaming sticks / dongles / boxes such as the Nvidia Shield TV (here our test). The GroupWatch sessions can very well be experienced on televisions and multimedia players. So you can accept invitations.

Up to seven people, including the initiator, can take part in a GroupWatch session and jointly access a synchronized stream on Disney +. However, each individual participant must also have an active subscription to Disney +. The initiator of the GroupWatch session generates a link that he can then share with friends and family.

With GroupWatch, each participant can then start or pause playback, fast-forward or rewind the film or series. These effects then apply to the entire group. Of course, this also has a lot of potential for disputes. So you should choose exactly with whom to start such a group session.

GroupWatch aims to make Disney + more social

Of course, GroupWatch is a response to the Corona crisis. Many people have to maintain social distance from one another. And if it’s better not to bring family and friends together on site, then you can at least do that digitally via stream.

During the stream, the participants in a GroupWatch session can react in real time with six different emojis: “Like”, “funny”, “sad”, “angry”, “scared” and “surprised”. Of course, you should act with indulgence and not constantly bombard your fellow viewers.


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