Disney + will fix clipping problem with The Simpsons next week

That is what The Simpsons writer Al Jean promises on Twitter.

Disney + debuted with all of The Simpsons episodes late last year, but fans soon noticed a problem with the old seasons. Those episodes were made for old television and were cut and stretched to fit modern widescreen displays.

Due to the adjustments, things were kept out of the picture in some shots, so that in the example below, the punch line was even lost.

That problem is now solved: according to Jean, all old episodes will be streamed on Disney + in the original aspect ratio from 28 May. This gives you black bars on the left and right side of the screen. Disney + promised to fix the problem last November, but it took six months to do so.

According to Jean, The Simpsons short film The Longest Daycare will also air on Disney + on May 29. It originally appeared in 2012 and was nominated for an Oscar.


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