Disrespect in Temptation Island USA causes controversy

As with the Dutch variant, the alcohol flows in Temptation Island USA generously. But that is not to the taste of every participant. If the single Evan wants to create some atmosphere with a ‘champagne shower’, Kristen does not know how quickly she has to get away. “This is our house, you don’t do that here,” she corrects him. “I thought we were in this house with twelve men, not twelve kids who want to go back to college.”

When Evan wants to prove to her that he is an adult, she still doesn’t want to know about him. “Fine, I know when I am rejected”, he takes his loss. “I can handle that…. I just wanted to get all the hostility out of the air.” A little later, when he tells his story in front of the camera, it appears that the incident really affects him. “Kristen seems pretty narrow-minded. She’s only been with one man. If you get to know men who are different, you can grow. But if you don’t feel like it, then you’re wasting your time here.”

According to Kristen, the problem is not with her. “You have to treat me well,” she reports. “Evan attacks me, but he doesn’t know how I feel right now. I don’t want to go along with the turmoil he continues to stir.”

Also in the men’s villa not everyone is exactly in line … When Tom indicates that it is his goal to leave the program again with his girlfriend Chelsea, he is corrected by single Maya. “The goal is to find someone who is right for you,” she contradicts him – after which all hell breaks loose. “I know why I’m here”, Tom argues with her.

When he eventually clears the dust and wants to apologize, Maya doesn’t want to know about it. “You got mad and made it sound like we singles aren’t worth your time. Do you think this is a game to resist temptation? It’s not, I’m human too. Give us a chance, we are. not just here. It’s disrespectful. “

The first two episodes of Temptation Island USA can now be seen at Videoland, where the most recent season of the Dutch version can also be seen. Lake sleaze & dirt you will find about the candidates and the bachelors of that season Love Therapy. Watch the episode with Liyah below.


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