Dissatisfied at work: Now is a good time for professional reorientation

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The corona pandemic has shaken up the business model and professional idea of ​​many people – and some things have broken down. Companies filed for bankruptcy, the self-employed and freelancers could not carry out their orders, and the planned income never came.

The coach Nicola Sieverling published her book “Plan B. Finally finding something that you really burn for” at exactly this time. And a lot has changed for her personally too: The book and seminar business was hit hard.

In the interview, she explains how she has adapted, why the pandemic acts as a catalyst and what people can do if they want to – or have to – reinvent themselves now. Nicola Sieverling, in your book “Plan B” you write that crises are the trigger for change. Is the corona pandemic such a crisis?

Nicola Sieverling: Definitely. Corona is a circumstance that comes from outside and forces us to pause. And then we have to ask ourselves – internally – what do I really want? Is what I do still fulfilling? Do I enjoy it?

Suddenly, many people are in the home office and have their families closer to them. This also triggers longings – and they notice that they are much more flexible than they actually thought. A client of mine discovered through Corona that the value “family” is much more important to her than she previously thought. That was the motor to go out and change something. This is a chance to develop further and to take a new step. The Corona time is also a time that has awakened longings and wishes.

It sounds like Corona is a spotlight on internal crises that we have not yet seen.

Corona is a catalyst. Feelings are amplified. Corona shows many people that they have to rethink their professional and private location.

What is this location about?

The inner location is the individual essence. Every human is unique. When I realize this, I get a completely different attitude. To myself and to what is going on outside of me. And then I also manage not to get carried away by the corona shock waves.

Are values ​​playing an increasingly important role?

Yes! And also your own talents and skills. What are my talents? What is important to me And what does my heart really want? Corona makes our values ​​more important than the voice of reason, which says: You earn money, your income is secure, you go on vacation three times a year and you can still buy a third car. Suddenly people realize: If you can’t spend the money, it is suddenly no longer that important. And another car doesn’t make sense either. That forces us to take a critical look inside. And it starts with an honest look in the mirror and the question: Where am I? And what do I really want?

Has Corona also influenced your career path?

But yes! When my book came out I was ready to give seminars. I was ready to receive guests who want to reorient themselves. The place was created, the chairs were ready. Two days later the lockdown began and no one could come. Now I coach via video and plan my seminars in 2021 via Zoom. Many people feel the same way that they have to adapt their business model.

At this time in particular, many insist on the security of their jobs.

But who can still claim to have a secure job these days? How safe is such a “safe job” actually? The answer to this question alone can be an occasion to reconsider your own position. And Corona shows many people that supposedly safe jobs are not so safe after all.

What should people do when they want to change their careers?

Anyone who feels the desire to change should also pursue this feeling! Don’t hide this thought in the farthest corner of your head. He can be there. Track down the desire, find out what’s behind it. What’s going on, where do I want to go? A small thought can get bigger and bigger, then we have to give it space. Any wish can become a reality. If we notice that there is something that depresses me in the morning, then we have to look: What is it that wants to get out?

But you have to be able to afford that.

At some point, many people realize: the money is not the real reason. “What are people saying? What does the family say What does the partner say? “From my experience with my clients, these are often the real blockages. Others think of social status, but then find that the insignia of power and success fizzle out. You are worthless.

Some people put after füFifteen years of professional life found that she was no longer at her jobögen. What’s going on?

This knowledge that the original path is not the ideal has usually been slumbering deep inside us for much longer. Most of the people who are now dealing with their plan B are already dissatisfied. Perhaps their career path was imposed on them from outside, perhaps they were subject to compulsion or they listened to the so-called whisperers in their circle of friends and family. Out of convenience and routine, they stay on track: the way to work is fine, the colleagues are very nice, the food in the canteen tastes good. But at some point they realize that it is time to be honest with yourself. It does not fit!

That triggers a lot, doesn’t it?

The thought that something should change in your professional life is like a domino stone. If you tap one, a lot of others will fall over with it. And the corona pandemic is THE opportunity for change, because a lot is changing in all industries.

So big things happen there?

Some people find their jobs terribly frustrating or boring, but they stick with them because they make good money. You can take it. And in the evening they go out and say: Now I’m human again. But we only have this one life. And it’s about living a life in abundance and joy. Life is too short for the wrong job.

That also has a health dimension, doesn’t it?

Exactly – then these “stayers” are sitting in the long-awaited retirement, finally have time and the body realizes: Now is the space to let out everything that had to go out for so long. And then they get sick. The planned cruises and excursions are over. So: live now!

Corona lets us notice the impermanence.

We often suppress our clear physical signals: sore throat, back tension, sleep disorders. We go to work with a headache and blame it on the wine the night before. We blame the back pain on our reduced sports program. But the body actually sends us warning signals: You have to get out of there! Maybe you’re overworked, maybe totally bored at work. How many people look at their clock at 9 in the morning and hope that it will soon be 5 pm? Such jobs are time wasters! This is my lifetime! Many people are also exhausted from this Corona year.

People want to be saved. But nobody comes.

You have to save yourself! If you look for a plan B, you take responsibility for your life.

But not everyone needs to change jobs for this.

But you can turn small screws. Make a course correction. Maybe the other department is more exciting, the boss better, the colleagues nicer and the job would also be more enjoyable. Others can cut their hours down to do something else that they have longed for. Maybe there is talent that is being spilled because you don’t have time to pursue it. Or take a break. It doesn’t have to be a sabbatical year. Maybe a month or two to see where you stand. Get inspiration, go to new places, just look up in the air and let your thoughts drift.

Some want to change jobs without mneed. Others müneed to reorient themselves, but actually don’t want to. A friend of mine has just lost her job and the company is bankrupt. What wÄre now a good first step für you?

I strongly warn against hectic looking for the next job – which may then lead to misery again. First she has to take an honest look in the mirror: Where am I? What’s wrong with me How am I doing right now? And what does my body say? Then she should think about which values ​​are important to her. What is she passionate about?

If freedom and self-determination are her highest values, then she will not be happy in an employee relationship. My advice: Write down what I do well at my job, what I enjoy. What do they envy other people for? What qualities do others like about her? With this external assessment, new ways to plan B can be discovered.

Nicola Sieverling


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