Distributor sex video Patricia Paay is appealing

The penalty was lower than the OM had demanded. The public prosecutor demanded a month in prison against V., two weeks of which was suspended, and a fine of 250 euros. It is not known whether the other suspect Ernst van der S. (47), who received a suspended 50-hour community service, will also go to court.

The court acquitted both men of libel. However, both men were guilty of insult and copyright infringement. “Also for these facts an acquittal was requested during the hearing”, the lawyer responds. Whether the appeal will actually go ahead is still the question. “At a later moment it will be definitively assessed whether or not the appeal will be upheld.” According to the defense counsel, the appeal period of two weeks was too short to make a final decision.

Patricia Paay has not yet responded to the appeal. She previously stated in a statement that she was “slightly disappointed” with the verdict. “These are grown men who have knowingly done this and have not thought at all about what this can do to someone’s personal life and career,” said then.

In 2017, the infamous pee sex video was leaked via social media.


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