Divided to the end: Even after storming the Capitol, only half of Americans want Trump to leave immediately

The Democrats want a quick impeachment of President Donald Trump after the storming of the Capitol. But with that they certainly do not represent the voice of a large majority of the American population, according to various opinion polls.

According to six polls conducted in the aftermath of a violent uprising in which Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, about half of Americans believe Trump should be removed from office – and, it won’t come as a surprise: Democratic and Republican voters are deeply divided on the issue.

Between 48 and 56 percent

Four of those recent polls simply asked whether Trump should be removed from office immediately:

  • A PBS NewsHour / Marist poll of 875 American adults found that 48 percent of respondents believed that Trump should be removed from office before the end of his term on January 20.
  • YouGov surveyed 1,448 registered voters – 50 percent felt it would be “appropriate” for Trump to be immediately removed from office.
  • According to an Axios / Ipsos poll, 51 percent of respondents would want Trump to leave immediately (in a poll of 536 American adults).
  • A survey by ABC News / Ipsos of 570 American adults found that 56 percent of respondents believe Trump should be removed immediately; 43 percent said no.

But there are two processes through which Trump could be removed from office: impeachment through a procedure in the US Congress or through the 25th Amendment, which allows the Vice President and Cabinet the option of removing a President deemed unfit for office. of his powers. Two other polls asked about this separately:

  • A Politico / Morning Consult survey of 1,986 registered voters found that respondents preferred the 25th amendment, with 49 percent of registered voters supporting that track.
  • In a Reuters / Ipsos poll of 1,005 American adults, 30 percent said they felt Trump should be removed using the 25th Amendment and only 14 percent said he should be impeached and removed by Congress.

Democrats versus Republicans, still

As was the case prior to Trump’s first hearings on impeachment, support for – and opposition to – the president’s removal largely falls along party lines.

For example, the PBS NewsHour / Marist poll found that 84 percent of Democrats supported Trump’s immediate removal, while only 15 percent of Republicans were up for it (83 percent of Republicans said Trump should not be removed under any circumstances) . Independent voters were divided in that poll: 45 percent were in favor of removal and 51 percent were against it.

YouGov and Axios / Ipsos had similar results: YouGov found that 83 percent of Democrats were for removal and 85 percent of Republicans were against it. 86 percent of Democrats in the Axios / Ipsos poll were for removal, and 80 percent of Republicans were against it.

When it comes to impeachment specifically, 72 percent of Democratic respondents, 14 percent of Republicans, and 38 percent of independents in the Politico / Morning Consult poll say Congress should start the process; 16 percent of Democrats, 76 percent of Republicans, and 44 percent of independents said Congress shouldn’t.


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