Divorce attorney: “Love murder is nonsense with sauce”

Emotion arises when the partner discovers that they have been betrayed. Emotion arises when the woman or the man discovers that the spouse has secretly moved the jewelry. Emotion does not arise when you discuss this in court. To say that emotion arises because you are working through the problems is mean to the victims.

Isn’t root cause research important to improve the situation?

Of course, one can consider: How does a man become violent? Why does he think the woman has to shower? Did he experience that at home? Did he have role models who told him that problems were solved with violence? But: When a refugee from Nigeria who is not allowed to work here sells drugs in the U6 stations – nobody asks: Why is he doing this? He is always judged. Nobody says: Well, he was in an emergency because he is not allowed to work. Or he comes from a culture where you have a relaxed relationship with drugs. Only in violent crimes between men and women do everyone become very maudlin and look for causes in the behavior of the victim. She wasn’t kind enough to him, she turned him down or he was just jealous. The common chicken thief never has this understanding.

But the fact is: more women than men are murdered in Austria. So what can you do about it?

It would start with when there was a societal disavowal judgment. If it weren’t for secretly still smart when the old woman’s man hits you in the Gosch’n when she doesn’t spur. Not paying child support is still reasonably acceptable. Such behavior is not really disapproved of. In truth, we still use these images with descriptions such as: A real man does not put up with anything. Or: Who wants a man who runs around in an apron and does housework or takes parental leave? A second measure would be: dangerous violent criminals should be withdrawn from circulation. These men are far too rarely taken into custody. Obviously, no danger is seen there. Arguments like this are often heard here: if we imprison all men who threaten to stab their wives, the prisons would be overcrowded. So what? Then at least a few fewer women die.

You won’t want to hear the word relationship drama …

Murder for love – that’s nonsense with sauce. You don’t kill for love.


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