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Divorce: Most marriages break up in these cities

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A wedding no longer means “Until death do us part”. In fact, there are quite a number of married couples each year who say goodbye to their partner – and divorce.

The information platform has now evaluated in an analysis how many marriages and divorces there were in the largest German cities in 2019. The data are based on the information provided by the state and federal statistical offices. According to the platform, no current figures could be determined for 19 cities.

Divorce capital Leverkusen

The evaluation shows: In Leverkusen in North Rhine-Westphalia, three quarters of marriages are divorced. This makes it top of the list of cities with the most divorces, with a divorce rate of 74 percent.

It is followed by Gera, Hanover, Krefeld and Duisburg. Here too, more than half of the married couples get divorced. The most harmonious marriages, on the other hand, are held in Göttingen. Here only one in ten couples can be divorced.

Looking at the national German average, 38 percent of German couples get divorced at some point. According to the analysis, married couples separate more often than average in the metropolises of Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. Only in Cologne are married couples more likely to be true to each other: In 5,808 weddings there were 1,954 divorces here last year.

By the way: According to the Federal Statistical Office, a marriage takes an average of 14.8 years to divorce. So it doesn’t seem like the darned seventh year is the decisive factor for a breakup.

In the following analysis you can read the divorce rate of 81 cities:


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