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DIY: Make a painting with air plants

The old frame you have chosen can of course give you a new color so that it fits better in your interior. Are you satisfied with the color yet? Then take the chicken wire there. Cut it to size and secure it to the back of the molding with the stapler. Is everything properly secured? Then cover the mesh with tape. This way you can not damage the wall.

TIP: You can also choose to paint or spray the chicken wire in the color of your wall. This way the chicken wire is less noticeable and it looks like the plants are floating.

Next, we screw small blocks of wood on the corners. This will cause the painting to hang off the wall. This is good for the plants because it gives them more air. You also create more depth.

You can buy the blocks of wood, but you can also saw off a piece of wood yourself from what you still have. Make sure that they are all the same size. Also tape off the blocks so that you don’t damage your wall later.

Then turn the painting over and divide the air plants over the chicken wire. Tom uses different types of Tillandsia for the painting. There are more than 300 varieties of these plants, so you can vary enough.

You fix the air plants with paperclips. Pull the paperclips apart and wind them around the plants. Then you hook the paperclip to the chicken wire.

PAY ATTENTION: Do not hang the painting in direct sunlight and spray some water on the plants every now and then (1 to 2 times a week).


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