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DIY: make flag line for Sinterklaas

You need this

  • a piece of cotton
  • black acrylic paint
  • a roll of freezer paper

1. Trace and cut

First of all, we are going to copy the design onto freezer paper. This is a kind of thick baking paper with a plastic layer on one side (the shiny side). This paper has the unique feature that you can iron it onto fabric and also remove it easily (without glue residue).

‘I made a number of designs in A5 format. Fortunately, the freezer paper is a bit transparent. Place it glossy side down on the design and trace with a pencil. ‘ Rachel explains.

Now we have to cut it very precisely on the line. We ultimately need both the positive form and the residual form. Cutting out the main lines is easy, but those little pieces between the stems of the winter carrot, that’s a different story! To do this, fold the paper in half on the line and make a cut in it. Then you can put your scissors through the opening and cut out the shape.

2. Tear and iron fabric

The flag should be the same size as your design. To do this, use a woven fabric made of natural material. Cotton or linen are very suitable. Rachel opts for simple unbleached cotton, which you can find in any fabric store or on the market.

Place the design on the fabric, make a small cut at the edge and tear. This way your flag is always straight and it gets a nice frayed edge. Once you have cut two patches in this way, iron the positive shape of the design on one and the negative shape on the other. Do not set the iron too hot, setting 2 is fine.

3. Tamping

Now we are going to tampon the flags. You can use any acrylic paint for this. Put some on a saucer, cut a piece of a scouring pad and dip in the paint. Dab it along the edge of the freezer paper and so on outwards until all pieces of fabric are completely covered.

This always goes well. Because the paper is glued to the fabric, the paint cannot crawl underneath. Fun to do with the children! Just put some under it to protect your table.

4. The disclosure

This is oh so exciting, revealing the flags by pulling the freezer paper off. A big surprise every time!

To make a flag line you can sew all patches to a ribbon. But if you don’t have a sewing machine, small pegs are of course also great fun.

It is indeed a “breeze” and yet the pendulum does not look tinkered. We are enthusiastic and brainstorm about other possibilities. Would you like to make an animal garland with soft pastel shades for the nursery during a baby shower? A nice gift for grandma’s 80th birthday in shades of green because she loves that so much…. Enough inspiration for now!

Do you also want to make such a nice flag line? Here you will find a complete package. Looking for more DIY inspiration? Follow @koudkunstje on Instagram.


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