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DIY: Make your own insect hotel

You need this

  • 10 planks of scaffolding wood (2.5 meters)
  • 5 flat roof tiles
  • Screws
  • Hay
  • Stone with holes
  • Tree trunks with holes (use drill bit ’10 for the holes)
  • Bamboo sticks

Step 1. This is how you proceed

Grab two 2.5m planks and cut them in half so you have four 1.25m planks. These boards form the basis of your own insect hotel.

Step 2. Secure

Now we are going to fix the four planks, so that they together form a square “frame”. Because scaffolding wood is quite soft, you can screw the planks together without pre-drilling the wood.

Step 3. Partitions

Measure the distance between the top and bottom of the frame, then cut three planks that fit exactly between them. Make sure these fit snugly on the top and bottom so you can screw them on seamlessly.


Do you want to make the closet a bit more playful? Then make sure that the distances between the 3 partitions differ.

Step 4. Planks

In order to be able to spend a lot of money in the insect hotel, we are now going to make horizontal planks. Measure the spacing well and cut different boards to size. You can decide how many planks you want to make.

Tip: fix the shelves at different heights and vary with the gaps, this way you get a playful effect.

Step 5. Piles

To give the insect hotel a tighter look and to raise it a bit, you can attach the frame between two posts. Determine how high you want the hotel to be and adjust the length of the posts accordingly.


Keep in mind that the posts must be at least half a meter into the ground for extra strength.

Then attach the two posts to the side of the frame. Make sure that you first drive the posts into the ground at the correct distance and height.

Step 6. Roof tiles

Insects also like to be in a dry place, so we put roof tiles on top of the insect hotel. This way you keep the wood dry and the insects are more sheltered. This way they can enjoy the stay in your insect hotel.

Step 7. Fill boxes

Well, it’s almost over! To spoil the guests, you can fill the booths with hay, stones, tree trunks and bamboo. Here you do the insects a great favor! Who knows, they may also leave a nice review;).


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